This game was made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2020. The theme was Repair.

Frantically repair your home as missiles hail down, until the radio successfully calls off the attack.


Pick up scrap from the bin in the middle and run to repair the walls. You can also use your scrap to repair the radio in the center if it gets hit, or plan ahead and use it on the shield generator, which needs a lot of scrap to get going. There's a health pack in the attic that can be used if you get hit, but if it gets hit, it will need to be repaired as well.

Can you survive long enough to call off the attack?


  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump
  • Click and aim with the mouse to repair walls
  • E to interact:
    • Pick up scrap from the scrap bin, repair the radio, pick up health, and repair the shield generator


Vahan Ionnisian - Art, Design

Jackson Dean - Programming

Matthew Pawloski - Sound

Original Global Game Jam 2020 submission here

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